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A bit about us...

Women in Logistics (BNE), is a networking group for Brisbane women of any age who work in and/or are generally passionate about logistics. We offer Professional Networking Functions in Brisbane and Mentoring services.

Purpose: To provide women with an encouraging platform to ask questions, offer advice, network and engage with one another about the logistics industry from a female perspective

Mission: To promote women in logistics and give them the opportunity to feel empowered to support, encourage and share knowledge with one another



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Meet the Team

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Melissa McDonald


Melissa started Women in Logistics (BNE) in response to a lack of quality local networking groups for women working in or who are passionate about the logistics industry. WILB also offers mentoring services to younger women looking for career advice or guidance. 

Melissa has worked full time in Freight Forwarding for over 13 years in various roles and has a Bachelor of International Business and a Master of International Business. Melissa is an ardent supporter of women educating themselves and believes that Maya Angelou said it best "When you know better you do better". 

Melissa is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager at Lasso - a Procurement and Freight Forwarding company based in Brisbane. 

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